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Tossed in a deliciously tangy and spicy chat masala sauce made from a mix of herbs with atouch of tamarind.
Chicken Kebab
Delicious clayoven grilled chicken kebab
Chicken Tikka Pakora
Fried chicken chunks in a slightly spicy butter
Garlic King Prawns
King prawn pan fried with fresh garlic & onions deep fried
King Prawn Butterfly
Whole jumbo prawn flattened and shaped like a butterfly, coated in spices and breadcrumbs
King Prawn Puri
Cooked in a medium spiced sauce and served with fried Indian bread.
Mix Kabab
Served with chicken tikka, lamb tikka & sheekh kabab
Onion Bhaji
Finely chopped onions & special herbs, deep fried
Prawn Cocktail
Boiled prawns served on a bed of fresh lettuce and smothered in cocktail sauce
Prawn Puri
Reshmee Kebab
Minced lamb patties, shallow fried and wrapped in an omelet.
Triangular shaped pastry filled with spicy minced meat/vegetables; deep fried
Shamee Kebab
Minced lamb patties, spiced and flavoured with a mix of special herbs and spices andshallow fried on a skillet.
Sheekh Kebab
Lean minced lamb pungently spiced and grilled over flaming charcoal oven
Tandoori Chicken
One piece spring chicken on the bone marinated and grilled in the tandoori oven
Tandoori King Prawn
Marinated in a wonderful blend of tandoori spices and herbs Before being grilledover charcoal in the clay oven
Marinated & grilled with onions, green peppers & tomatoes
Sheek Kabab Main
Lean minced lamb pungently spiced and grilled over flaming charcoal oven.
Tandoori Chicken Half
Spring chicken marinated in a blend of mild tandoori spices and chargrilled.
Tandoori Chicken Whole
Spring chicken marinated in a blend of mild tandoori spices and chargrilled
Tandoori King Prawn
Tandoori King Prawn Massala
Jumbo sized prawns marinated in a delicate blend of yogurt and spices andgrilled to absolute perfection over flaming charcoal.
Tandoori King Prawn Shashlik
Barbecued king prawn with capsicums, tomatoes and onions using special herbs
Tandoori Lamb Chops
Very tender lamb chops marinated in spices & grilled in charcoal oven
Tandoori Mixed Grill
Tandoori chicken, chicken & lamb tikka and sheek kebab.
Tandoori Salmon Tikka
Fish marinated in herbs & spices then grilled in the oven
Tandoori Salmon Tikka Garlic
Tikka Garlic
Fried with onions and garlic
Tikka Main
Marinated in a delicate blend of spices, yoghurt and then grilled in clay oven
Balti Mix
Combination of chicken & lamb
Chicken Tikka and Prawn Balti
Well medium spiced with rich source
King Prawn Balti
Well medium spiced with rich source.
King Prawn Jalfrezi Balti
Green chilies, green peppers, onions freshly Ground herbs & spices hot
Shahi King Prawn Balti
Cooked with fresh herbs, tomatoes and capsicums
Tikka Balti
Young chicken or lamb marinated in yoghurt,Delicately prepared with exotic sauce
Tikka Balti Garlic
Sautéed with extra garlic, chilies, onions & green peppers
Tikka Balti Masala
Cooked with ground coconut in a mild, creamy & sweet red masala sauce
Tikka Chana Balti
Cooked with chick peas, fresh cream, tomato & mild spices
Tikka Chilli Balti
Cooked with green chilli
Tikka Dupiaza Balti
Young chicken or lamb tikka marinated in yoghurt with onion
Cooked in a thick spicy sauce with tomatoes,onion & flavoured green herb
Cooked with eggs, potatoes and tomatoes.
Medium to hot dish cooked with grated coconut in a thick sauce
Medium spiced with a nice blend of herbs and spices
Cooked in a medium to hot strength with yellow lentils with the use of chillies, sugar and lemonjuice to deliver a hot, sweet & sour
Cooked in spiced medium sauce with fried onion
Garlic Chilli
Cooked in hot chilli spiced sauce with roasted and fresh garlic
Cooked with fresh peppers & green chilies to give you a slightly hot mouth watering sauce
Cooked in a thick creamy sauce with ground coconut & almonds, topped with a touch of cream
Cooked in a hot spicy sauce with fresh lemon Juice & a touch of garlic & ginger
Medium spiced and cooked with freshly diced mushrooms
A slightly hot, spicy dish with a concoction of flavours giving a taste of hot, sweet & sour.
Rogan Josh
A tomato based dish with a mix of finely selected spices and herbs, garlic, ginger & coriander
A wonderful dish cooked with fresh spinach and spices in a medium strength thick sauce
Cooked in very hot spicy sauce with potato.
Achari Chicken
cooked with pickle in a spicy slightly hot sauce
Butter Chicken
Prepared in a delicious and creamy butter sauce, mild & tasty
Chef’s Bausari Delight
chicken or Lamb in a medium hot with green peppers, Green chilli & Tomatoes,chef’s special season mix.
Chicken Mango Delight
Chicken tikka marinated in light exotic spices cooked with yoghurt and mango slice
Chicken Tikka Chilli Massala
Cooked with finely chopped green chillies, onions & spices. It packs quite a punch, hot & tasty
Chicken Tikka Massala
This dish holds the title of the nations favourite: it is cooked in a tomato based sauce with anarray of mild spices and ground almonds ; topped with fresh cream and flaked almonds
Fish Bhuna
Fish marinated with chef’s specially prepared spices, cooked with onion, pepper, garlic & ginger
Harrialy Chicken
Coriander, green pepper, fresh green chilli & blended Chef’s special Spices
Jeera Chicken
cooked with cumin & spicy medium hot
King Prawn Passanda
A rich dish. Medium dry with green peppers, tomatoes & onions, tossed in asizzling khadi - Spicy medium hot
Lobster Jalfrezi
Fairly hot with onions, tomatoes, and garlic and green chillies
Moglai Chicken
Tender pieces of chicken breast stuffed with minced lamb cooked in fresh green an aromaticmouth watering dish.
A very hot and spicy dish prepared with fresh hot chilli pepper from Bangladesh called Naga,reputed is one of the hottest chillies in the world, a very fragrant dish
Non Vegetable Indian Thali
Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Bhuna, Tikka mossala, pilau Rice, Dohi
Cooked in a mild and creamy sauce prepared with ground almonds and butter
Salmon Tikka Jalfrezi
chunks of salmon cooked with onions, tomatoes, and garlic and green chillies
Tandoori Chicken Massala
Cooked with tandoori sliced breast in masala sauce
Chicken or Lamb & Mushroom Biryani
Chicken or Lamb Biryani
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Biryani
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Chilli Biryani
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Garlic Saag Biryani
King Prawn Biryani
Mushroom Biryani
Prawn & Mushroom Biryani
Prawn Biryani
Special Mixed Biryani
Tandoori Chicken Biryani
Vegetable Biryani
Aloo Gobi
Potatoes and cauliflower cooked with medium spices
Aloo Peas Bhaji
Potatoes and garden peas cooked with selected medium spices and herbs
Bindi Bhaji
Freshly diced okra (ladies fingers) pan fried with onion garlic and a mix of herbs and spices
Bombay Aloo
The world famous dish of spiced potatoes in a medium sauce
Brinjal Bhaji
Diced aubergines tossed with onions and spices in a dry sauce
Cauliflower Bhaji
Fresh cauliflower florets pan fried in onions and light spices
Chana Masala
Boiled chick peas in a medium sauce with onions and herbs
Daal Samba
Fresh vegetables and lentiles cooked together with medium to hot spices
Garlic Mushrooms
Diced mushrooms lightly fried with garlic
Mushroom Bhaji
Freshly sliced mushrooms pan fried in onions and light spices
Onion Bhaji
Plain Daal
Saag Aloo
Spinach and potatoes in a mix of spices and herb and a dry sauce
Saag Bhaji
Fresh spinach tossed with garlic onion and spices
Saag Paneer
Diced cubes of home made indian cheese cooked in a mild to meduim sauce with fresh green spinach
Tarka Daal
Yellow lentil tempered with onions spices and fried garlic
Vegetable Bhaji
Mixed vegetables cooked in a dry sauce with medium spices
Vegetable Curry
Mixed vegetables cooked in a medium strength sauce
Coconut Rice
Long grained basmati rice with grated coconut
Egg Rice
Stir fried with eggs and light spices
Keema Rice
Stir fried with savory minced lamb
Lemon Dice
With a refreshing fragrance of lemon
Mushroom Rice
Stir fried with sliced mushrooms onions and herbs
Onion Fried Rice
Onions stir fried with basmati rice with lights spices
Oriental Rice
With eggs and prawns
Peas Rice
Basmati rice stir fried with light spices and garden peas
Pilau Rice
Basmati rice with saffron
Plain Rice
Steamed long grained basmati rice
Special Fried Rice
Stir fried rice with egg and peas
Vegetable Rice
Basmati rice with mixed vegetables
Cheese Naan
Stuffed with crumbled cheese
Chili Naan
Stuffed with fresh chilies
Coriander Naan
Naan bread with chopped fresh coriander leaves
Garlic Naan
Chopped garlic cloves
Keema Naan
Stuffed spiced minced lamb
Keema Paratha
Stuffed with fried egg
Kulcha Naan
Stuffed with a layer of mix vegetable
Peshwari Naan
Naan stuffed ground nuts sultanas and cream
Plain Naan
The king of indian bread
Plain Paratha
Lashings of butter shallow fried on a skillet
Small and thin whole meal bread deep fried
Stuffed Paratha
Stuffed with a spiced vegetable filling
Tandoori Roti
Healthy bread baked in the tandoori oven
Cadbury’s Flake
Elegant glass filled with dairy ice Cream layered with thick chocolate Sauce and Cadbury’s Flake
Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate ice cream mousse, Topped with chocolate & cream
Coconut Supreme
Cool & delicious coconut ice Cream packed into real half Coconut shell
Ferrero Rocher
World famous rich Ferrero Rocher ice Cream combined with thick chocolate Sauce topped withFerrero Roche
Flute Hazel
Glass filled with delicious daily ice Cream combined with chocolate sauce,Topped withpieces of hazelnut
Delicious indian ice cream made from whole milk, nuts & fruits, choice of mango orpistachio flavours
Midnight Mint
Luxurious dreamy Mint flavoured ice cream in pot, rippled with gorgeous Chocolate sauce,topped with curls
Orange/Lemon Surprise
Whole Orange or Lemon Scooped & refilled with Tangy Sorbet
Cucumber or Onion Raitha
Green salad
Onion,lettuce, pea, tomatoes & cucumber
Lime Pickle
Mango Chutney
Masala Popadum
Mint Sauce
Onion Salad
Bottle of Coke
Bottle of Diet Coke
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